Dungeons and Dragons The Wilde Heart Campaign —  Discord Community

Grab your dice and hold on to your butt, a new D&D campaign is on it's way! The Wilde Heart Campaign, hosted by Tenshinohana and Moonrabbit, will be EVERY Saturday at 2:00 pm Central Standard Time! 

If you are interested in learning about D&D, you are more than welcome to hang out, even if you don't have a spot on the table! 

Tenshinohana as the stalwart Dungeon Master.
 is co-DM and voice of NPCs.
 plays Telford.
Frostycmc becomes Boscoe
mako992 joins the fight Tylena. 
mathematician is the brave Leeroy Jenkins.
payindigo is man on the edge, Crowley
 stings hard as Sônöræbeé.

*Oasis Gaming is a for adults, so expect the language and content to reflect that. Oasis reserves the right to record gameplay with the community for our social media and/or YouTube channel.*