Dungeons and Dragons Revia Campaign —  Discord Community

Dungeon and Dragons Dahlia's Revengers Campaign

Watch LIVE on our Discord community as @Marelacrim DM's the next installment of their thrilling campaign! 

If you have ever been curious about tabletop fantasy games, join the @D&D Adventurers on the Oasis Gaming Discord server as they continue their journey into the dangerous world of Revia. 

Marelacrim as the stalwart Dungeon Master.
 is the Kanthal Stormhammer.
 plays Flint Hawthorn
 becomes Hjaldrum
T5UN4M1 17
joins the fight as Azkari.
moonrabbit is the brave Liamoira.
Shephard of Wolves is man on the edge, Genmynd. 

*Oasis Gaming is a for adults, so expect the language and content to reflect that. Oasis reserves the right to record gameplay with the community for our social media and/or YouTube channel.*