Tabletop Thursdays Digital Board Game —

At 8:00 MT/9:00 CT, Oasis Gaming is dusting off our dice for a digital board game night!

GAME: Kingdom Builder
Price: Free

"Kingdom Builder is a competitive game for 2-4 players. Players take turns drawing a card and placing three settlements down spaces that match the terrain on the card, and if possible, they must build adjacent to their existing settlements. This is the clever golden rule of Kingdom Builder that governs the strategic choices you make. Because you are restricted to building adjacent if possible, you try to find ways of ensuring that it becomes impossible to place adjacent, freeing you up to place anywhere on the board. This is key to securing high value spots and gaining location tiles. "

Like our values state, "Be accepting and be accepted". Come as you are. Newbie to veteran, shy to outgoing, all are welcome!  

*Oasis Gaming is a for adults, so expect the language and content to reflect that. Oasis reserves the right to record gameplay with the community for our social media and/or YouTube channel.*