Tabletop Thursdays Digital Board Game —  Virtual

Come one, come all! Everyone is invited to our Tabletop Thursday weekly event! This week, we'll be yet again traveling back in time and myth. However, we will be going to the land and age of Robin Hood! As such, I will be doing the entire rest of this blurb in ye olde english.

Join us by bluffing and lying to thy friends, as thou outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham! 'i this game, thou play as humble merchants, bringing thy wares into town to feed and clothe the good people of Nottingham. As well as provide the people with mead, crossbows, and silks, as highly illegal and highly, highly profitable. And yet, Prince John is coming to town, and the sheriff is allowing no contraband into the town.

Art thou a good, honest merchant? Or a dastardly knave?

'Sheriff of Nottingham, players shall not only be able to experience Nottingham as a merchant of the town, yet each turn one player shall step into the shoon of the sheriff himself.

Players declare goods thou would to bring into the town, goods that are secretly stored 'i their burlap sack. The sheriff might not but then determine whom gets into the town with their goods, whom gets inspected, and whom may hast their goods confiscated! Bribery and subterfuge are encouraged and rewarded! Doth thou bribe the sheriff to let thy goods hie through? Or, doth thou warrant a favor for a favor, and then double cross when the time is right? Declare thy goods, negotiate a deal, and watch out for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Join us this Thursday, 9pm CST!