Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Pt. 4 —  Virtual

Another bite sized D&D adventure, played all in one sitting. If interested in future One Shots, head on down to the Basement, where Oasis Gaming does all of its fantasy roleplaying! 

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The Forgotten Hold: A terrifying evil wizard has built his lair in an old Dwarven outpost, and has been wreaking havoc on the locals with his magical monsters. A reward has been posted for whoever can collect the wizard's head! 
 An evil wizard has built a lair deep in the mountains in an old Dwarven outpost. He spends his days creating living weapons which he uses to terrify the local populace. His raids, once common and feared, have all but stopped and there have been sightings of a large winged creature flying about the peaks to the north where his laboratory is said to be. The local populace have cobbled together a reward for whoever can bring proof of the wizard's demise and put an end to whatever creatures he's built.