Poker Night with Oasis —

At 7:30 PM Central, Oasis Gaming will be have another poker night hosted by Mathematician 

GAME: Texas Hold'em
Platform: Any browser at
Price: Frrreeeeeeeeeee

"If there weren't luck involved, I would win every time."  

Come to play or just to watch, but expect to have fun!


 1) Download Pokerstars.Net          (NOT POKERSTARS.COM) 
 2) Create an account, I suggest using email because facebook will probably annoy you with poker ads if you use it. 
 3) When on there will be a right hand column in which will have a home game button go and click on that button. (If you are using mobile it will be on the left column) 
 4) Club ID: 3689620. 
     Password: OasisPokerNight 
 5) If you have any questions just contact @Mathematician on the Discord Server

*Oasis Gaming is a for adults, so expect the language and content to reflect that.*