Poker Night with Oasis —

At 7:00 PM Central, Oasis Gaming will be have another poker night hosted by Mathematician!

GAME: Texas Hold'em
Platform: Any browser at
Price: Frrreeeeeeeeeee

"If there weren't luck involved, I would win every time."  

-Phil Hellmuth Jr. AKA "The Poker Brat"

Come to play or just to watch, but expect to have fun!


1) Download Pokerstars.Net          (NOT POKERSTARS.COM) 
2) Create an account, I suggest using email because facebook will probably annoy you with poker ads if you use it.
3) When on there will be a right hand column in which will have a home game button go and click on that button. (If you are using mobile it will be on the left column)
4) Club ID: 3689620.
    Password: OasisPokerNight

Don't forget to grab the Poker role from the Roles and Badges channel in the Community Discord. 


A) Play will start at 7 pm Central but players can join up to 8 pm.
B) Players can have Unlimited Rebuys until 8 pm. 
C) Play can last no longer than than 10pm. (More people will take longer and less shorter.)
D) As in normal Tournament Play, the blinds will slowly rise. 
E) There will be a PRIZE (up to 20 dollar value) for the winner.
F) The Host will be responsible for all rules, final judgements, and awarding the prize.  

Hosts and Community Leaders are not eligible to win the prize. 

*Oasis Gaming is a for adults, so expect the language and content to reflect that.*