Sunday Gathering w/ Oasis Network —  Zoom/Facebook Live

Every Sunday, the Oasis Network chapters hold their community gatherings for those who wish to attend. You can join one of our virtual meetings in Zoom or watch on Facebook.  

Please the individual Oasis chapter social media for exact times and details. 

"We understand that vibrant communities are central to human happiness and well-being. That’s why we need Oasis: to provide a place for like-minded individuals and families to connect, be inspired and feel empowered. Every Sunday morning, we offer you the chance to get together to discuss real-world principles supported by evidence and free thought."
-The Oasis Network

You can learn more about the Oasis Network by going to
If you haven't already, consider also joining the virtual Oasis community, Oasis Gaming. It may be in the name, but we are so much more than gaming!
The ONLY Oasis Community that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Meet your fellow Oasisians from all over the world in a progressive, fun environment

To become a part of the Oasis Discord community, download the Discord App to your desktop or smart phone, then, head to to find your invite code.