Vampire the Masquerade Session 1 —  Discord Community


The Fang Gang bites back! Vampire the Masquerade is a alternative tabletop fantasy that dwells in the darkness of night! Our team of miscreants fight against each other, their own deadly urges, and the other dangers of Kansas night.

Marelacrim is The Storyteller
Gfunk is playing Moco the Brujah
Artbycommittee is Gunner the Thin-Blood
Momochan is Octavia Van Pradelles the Ventrue
Xandercrit is Gryphin the Malkavian
Geekygamergirl is Zelna the Banu Hakim

*Oasis Gaming is a for adults, so expect the language and content to reflect that. Oasis reserves the right to record gameplay with the community for our social media and/or YouTube channel.*